The Virus Selector

The Virus Selector

Used on its own or in conjunction with one of the Filters, the Virus Selector allows you to select or eliminate genomes from your working list.


Starting Your Search with the Virus Selector

You can start your genome search with the Virus Selector by choosing a genome (or subset of genomes) with which to work. To do so, select one or multiple genomes by clicking on them in the virus selector window (highlighting will indicate selection). Ensure the box labeled ‘enable selection’ is checked if selection is not working.
If you would like to work with every genome in the Virus Selector window except for a specific genome (or subset of genomes), click the “Do NOT Select These Viruses”  tab and proceed with the selection of the genomes you wish to exclude from your working list.
To select more than one genome hold down command, shift, or ‘ctrl’ (Linux/Unix and Windows) on your computer keyboard while clicking on each genome you are interested in. ‘Ctrl’ + ‘A’ will select all.
Note: If you do not select any genomes from either list, VOCs will apply all further functions within the toolbar or the Sequence Filter/Ortholog Group Filter to the entire list of genomes in the database within which you are working.

Starting Your Search with a Filter

Another way to use the Virus Selector is to start by filtering the database’s list of genomes found in the two tabs by using The Genome Filter so that the list you choose from is more specific to your needs. In this case, you must ensure that “Apply ‘Genome Filter'” has been pressed before selecting from the list of genomes with your mouse or working with the Sequence Filter or Ortholog Group Filter. After filtering the genomes shown in the Virus Selector you may now use  The Sequence Filter or the The Ortholog Group Filter on the filtered list. There is no need to press “Apply ‘Genome Filter'” if you are working only within the Genome Filter; in this case, you may proceed directly to your selection of the 6 functions within the toolbar.

The six features are as follows: Gene View: “GeneView“, Gene Count: “GeneCnt“, Ortholog Group View: “OrtGrpView“, Genome View: “GenomeView“, Genome Count: “GenomeCnt
Regardless of how you start your search, should you wish to proceed using the Sequence Filter or Ortholog Group Filter (prior to using any of the toolbar functions) with the list of genomes you have selected here, you may do so.