Genome Annotation Transfer Utility

NOTE: This tool requires Java Version 8. Download it here: Java Runtime Environment.

Genome Annotation Transfer Utility (GATU) annotates a genome based on a very closely related reference genome. The proteins/mature peptides of the reference genome are BLASTed against the genome to be annotated in order to find the genes/mature peptides in the genome to be annotated.

Note 1:  The program has trouble with spliced genes!!
Note 2:  If you have problems with GATU on WindowsOS, try a Mac! There are slight differences with Java that might cause problems! We test on Macs.

Getting Started

If you’re new to GATU click on the launch button (on the right) and use the Quick Start Page to learn the basics (or if you’re like us…  just start clicking!).

The VBRC also provides additional help resources for GATU:


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