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Bioinformatics for Poxviruses and ASFV

News flash: The VBRC has an expanded management team (contact info):

Link to: NEW Resources for SARS-CoV-2

NEW BOOK:  Vaccinia Virus, Methods and protocols. Editor: Jason Mercer.
Chapter2:    Bioinformatics for Analysis of Poxvirus Genomes.

What’s at this resource:

  • Databases of viral genomic information (genes, gene families, and genomes)
  • Software to perform comparative genomics analyses
  • Each tool is described under the Tools Menu: see above
  • Check out our  Scoop.it  online magazine:  Viruses and bioinformatics  ( link )
  • READ THIS background info:  How this resource is used ( link )
  • This is the new home of:
    • www.poxvirus.org
    • virology.uvic.ca
    • www.virology.ca


1) If a tool doesn’t launch –  re-download the JNLP file.

2) Java 8 is recommended. Do not use Java 11. (Java 8 installer for MAC OS can be downloaded via this JAVA site: https://www.java.com/en/download). How to switch Java versions.

3) Please be patient as we upgrade, and report bugs!

4) New paper describing Base-By-Base updates ( link ).

5) Cure for fuzzy fonts in tools when using Mac OS Mojave ( link; thanks Jalview).

6) If you have trouble with CAPTCHA on login (e.g. in China), email us for the .jnlp files. Unfortunately, if we remove logins, we get swamped with attempts to break into the system.

Check out some new features on 4virology.net:

  • Updates to the Base-By-Base tool for analysis of multiple genome alignments
    • Includes detailed SNP analysis
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This Bioinformatics Resource (4virology.net)  focuses on large DNA viruses and SARS-CoV-2:

To access the databases and tools, users need an account on 4virology.net. Don’t panic! It’s free and simple, just click register (top left of page header) and create a new account if you need one. This is simply to help us keep better track of the usage of our programs so we can better target future development. For more information, email cupton at uvic dot ca.

Our goal is described here; in brief, this site is provided to help with your research! If you use this resource, please cite the relevant papers, which are found on the individual tool pages (publication list), and please consider collaborative publications.

The Viral Bioinformatics Resource software is published under the GNU General Public License version 3