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Hydrophobicity Grapher

Hydrophobicity Grapher graphs the hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity of a sequence of amino acids, using a sliding window. The window size can be specified by the user, and several hydrophobicity scales can be used to determine the plot.
Because of how the plot is calculated, the very beginning and very end of the sequence will be cut off. The amount cut off will depend on the window size: exactly one half of the window size will be deleted from the beginning of the sequence, and the same amount will be cut off the end. Therefore, if one has a window size of 20, the first and last 10 amino acids will not be plotted.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Hydrophobicity Grapher, click on the launch button (on the right) and use the Quick Start Page to learn the basics (or if you’re like us…  just start clicking!)

The VBRC also provides additional help resources for Hydrophobicity Grapher:


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