Suggest a Feature

Suggested Features for Consideration

Are there features that you think one of our tools is missing? Submit your suggestions to cupton @ and we’ll take a look. The features below were suggested by our lab users!


Current Wishes:

– Open new window without launching app again
– Exporting the Annotation table to CSV or TXT (Annotated and non-annotated).
– Exporting blast results to genbank and csv at once.
– Option for “select all” of the lists
– Annotate/Blast 2 genomes at once
– Blast/needle progress bar

– Search option to go through the protein sequence from Sequence map display
– Drag files into main window to open them
– Export Sequence map to image file
– Open multiple files at once/drag onto app
– Search through virus list on the right on main frame
– Added A+T% for genome views
– Find differences > select tolerated genomes on “Find Differences” plot, and include “Inclusive” and “Exclusive” plot parameters, help notes provided
– Ability to copy on screen selection to fasta format for copying in other places 
– Fix for opening analysis files and saving them as BBB files
– Launch new fuzzy search from fuzzy search result window
– Search for Amino Acid down columns with percentage identity match
– Switch view between “5′ Top 3′” , “3′ Bottom 5′” and also include a “Both”.
– Implement codehop primer design tool