4virology.net – Our goals

4virology.net    –    Our goals

Virology.ca:  What we’re trying to do…

  • Provide databases of viral genomic information.
    • Please check the Organisms menu to see which viruses we support: we’re now focusing on large DNA viruses
    • The VOCs (Virus Orthologous Clusters) database is at the heart of our system.
    • The database links directly to integrated tools for comparative analyses.
    • VOCs sorts genes into ortholog clusters (e.g. RNA polymerase) to simplify data retrieval.
  • Provide easy access to the genes, gene families, and genomes of the different virus families.
    • via a unique series of powerful Java tools that support multiple computer platforms (see VBRC Tools menu).
    • design and build software to tackle specific bioinformatics/virology problems, often in collaboration with virologists.
  • Rally the research community to provide expert curation of these viral genomes by:
    • Adding value to GenBank sequences through enhancing and updating genome annotations
    • Linking to research reviews/papers for the research community.
  • Collaborate with researchers to help on specific bioinformatics problems, e.g.
    • Custom searches of the databases
    • Building new features into our tools
    • Help with genome annotation