Baculovirus Information Book

Baculovirus Information Book

  • Baculoviruses:
    • are enveloped viruses
    • have a nonsegmented circular DNA genome (90000-230000 nucleotides long)
    • the family Baculoviridae contains two genera: Nucleopolyhedrovirus and Granulovirus.

1) Current published research reviews

These are automatically collected from PubMed searches, annotated with tags in the Connotea VBRC Group, and displayed with links to the original and related articles.

2) Medworm

MedWorm is a RSS feed resource collecting updates from over 6000 authoritative data sources. These feeds contain links to recent papers, news articles, current opinions, and more. The VBRC is utilizing this technology to provide our users with links to the most current online information for each of the virus families we support.

3) Other Internet resources for background information

These links include ICTV, NCBI, other research oriented sites and also more general sites suitable for teaching, students and the layperson.